Mapping Mexican History: Connection Between Pio Pico, The Feliz Family, and Antonio F. Coronel

Pio Pico, was the last Mexican governor of Alta California and owned several ranchos across Los Angeles, along with his younger brother Andres Pico.

Jose Vicente Feliz, was a veteran of the 1776 Anza Expedition and gained ownership of Rancho Loz Feliz in honor of his service around 1787. The Feliz family owned the Rancho for many years until the death of Don Antonio Feliz, who gave the land over to a Mexican lawyer Antonio F. Coronel in 1863. Coronel also owned Rancho de los Verdugos, which the last Mexican governor, Pio Pico, granted him in 1846.

Utilizing Google My Maps, we highlighted connections between Pio Pico, his younger brother Andres Pico, and Antonio F. Coronel. Pio Pico’s Casa de Pico, Pio Pico’s Whittier Adobe and Mansion, Andres Pico’s San Fernando Adobe Ranch House, The Feliz Family’s Adobe, and Coronel’s Rancho de los Verdugos are marked with photographs on the current map of Los Angeles, as well as photos of how these locations look today.

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